Learn Pain Reprocessing & Nervous System Regulation Practices To Recover From Chronic Pain

Without Risky Procedures Or Giving Up Doing The Things That Bring You Joy


With Amy Carr-Hilton PRT, IYT, RMT



Take charge of your healing with these practices if:

  • You've been diagnosed with a protective response based illness like GERD, IBS, fibromyalgia, migraine, frozen shoulder, or a chronic muscle spasm/tension or neuralgia.
  • You've been told there's nothing wrong with you, all tests are normal - including the totally normal "abnormal" findings in MRI spine scans (not sure if your scan is normally "abnormal"? Just ask me).
  • You've received a diagnosis that doesn't seem to have any specialist or support to help you in treatment, you just got a diagnosis and were sent on your way to figure it all out alone.
  • You've been told you have central sensitization, a dysregulated nervous system, or autonomic dysregulation, or that it must *just* be stress.

The practices you'll get and how to use them:

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Reversing the Hyper-Aroused State in Central Sensitization.
  • Gathering Evidence of Your Physical Safety, With Self-assessment Criteria.
  • Movement For Communicating Safety To Your Brain, De-conditioning Pain With Activity.
  • Emotional Journalling, a Practice to Welcome Emotions That May Be Difficult To Feel.
  • Guided Somatic Tracking for Chronic Pain, the Pain Reprocessing Therapy Staple Practice.
  • ​​Finding & Trusting Physical Safety With Pain, a Mindfulness Meditation with Education.
  • Sleep Meditation for When Your Mind is Too Busy to Let You Regenerate Cells For Safety Neural Pathways.

Gentle, Safe, Effective

Pain Reprocessing and Nervous System Regulation for empowered self-recovery.

No More Fear Of Harm

How we can feel confident in our body, without worrying about physical damage.

Say Hello To Freedom

Why we don't have to give up on doing the things that bring us joy in order to heal.


AMY CARR-HILTON IS A CHRONIC PAIN COACH with a background in Yoga and Massage Therapy. She helps people overcome their debilitating pain-fear cycle, and get back to the fun, fulfilling life they deserve. Get ready to experience Amy's compassionate style of coaching with evidence-based Pain Reprocessing Therapy & Nervous System Regulation, and a healthy dose of motivation, support and accountability!

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