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Discover The Cause Of Your Chronic Back Pain & Learn Treatment Techniques For Resilience In Healing.

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Sign Up Here To Start The Self-Assessment & Access Free Treatment Resources

I won't spam you, unsubscribe at any time.

Empower your treatment process

In this self-assessment:

  • Determine whether your chronic back pain is caused by neuroplastic changes, or a structural, neurological or systemic concern
  •  Answer easy to follow questions that differentiate between needing medical intervention and a cause that can be effectively self-treated
  •  Receive a referral to a physician specializing in CBP if this assessment doesn't give the clarity needed
  • ​​Gain resources to start the treatment process immediately, using gentle and non-invasive techniques

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Hi! I'm Amy!

I’m a chronic pain coach who started out as a trainer, Integrative yoga therapist and a registered massage therapist.

I love my role as a manual therapist, I love working one to one and really getting to know my patients... and I've also been frustrated by the limitations of what manual therapy can do for the chronic back cycle.

Don’t get me wrong - there’s so much good that happens in manual therapy, but when it comes to a condition that affects every aspect of the individual and their life, it does fall a little short of the mark.

After working for years in manual therapy, trying to help women+ living with CBP and realizing my limitations, I decided to do something about it. So I went and studied with some of the world’s top chronic pain researchers and educators and discovered new ways to help.

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