I look forward to seeing how I can best support you in your healing...


I'm located inside MoveRight Squamish for all in person appointments. For online programs, group sessions and 1:1 coaching, simply log in here.

My Hours (all in pacific time):

In person appointments at MoveRight:

Tuesday - Thursday 9 am - 2 pm

Online 1:1 chronic pain recovery coaching appointments:

Mondays 2 pm - 8 pm, Wednesdays 4 pm - 8 pm Fridays 8 am - 2 pm

Online group pain reprocessing and brain retraining sessions:

Mondays at 5 pm

Direct message responses inside The Safe & Sore Zone and online program support:

Within 2 business days Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Drop Me A Line!

Have questions? I want to make sure you feel confident working with me is right for you, or I want to help you find your next best step!

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If you have questions or want to see how I can help you, then please leave me a message below.