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I work in person with chronic pain concerns, athletic performance, injury or surgery rehab, pre & post natal care, or general health concerns.

As a registered massage therapist with a background in yoga and fitness, my passion for educating people in preventative and rehabilitative self-care has led me to pursue training in fitness and exercise psychology, yoga therapy, sports massage therapy, and chronic pain education and treatment.

I understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable and capable in your body so that you can be active in the things that bring you joy, and I’m dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Let’s get you out there playing smarter, stronger, and fear free!

I'm located at Eaglewind Health, downtown Squamish.


I also offer online programs for chronic pain recovery

Neuroplastic chronic pain is treatable!

Empower the healing process with these proven steps to get your recovery started.

Includes 5 sessions, with video lessons, a symptom assessment based on current diagnostic criteria, and practical actions to take to move forward in your healing.


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Where does neuroplastic pain come from?

What evidence is there to back it up?

There is so much research and evidence that has been building over the past 4 decades since Dr. Sarno started bringing this work to the attention of the broader medical community...

You might even see something of yourself in these stories...

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Moving Free & Having Fun

Mindful Chronic Pain Support

Our understanding of chronic pain changes by the day!

Ditch the confusion and get current evidence based tips, motivation, and guided practices as you empower your recovery.

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