The First Step To Recovery Is An Accurate Diagnosis

Take this clinical assessment now to differentiate between structural and neuroplastic causes of pain so you can start trusting in your physical safety and be sure you're treating the cause of your pain.

Here's a question I get asked a lot: How To Exercise When Everything Hurts?

How To See More Benefit From Exercise & Let Go Of Fear When Everything Hurts

Getting active is one very effective way to build safety neural pathways when it's done right. You need to make sure you're addressing your DIMs (danger in me circumstances - including activities) appropriately.

So, here's a question I get asked a lot: How to exercise when everything hurts?

We use graded motor imagery and graded exposure to take it slow when de-conditioning our pain triggers. I explain this further in my vault of pain reprocessing and nervous system regulating practices.

To give this a shot, go to the exercising mindfully guidance & visualizing ease journal by signing up below.

After listening to the recording, consider the following: 

1. Were you able to incorporate mindfulness into exercise? Did you enjoy the exercises you chose?

2. Were you motivated to exercise? What obstacles, if any, got in the way of your exercising?

3. Were you able to clear your mind and focus on body awareness during these exercises?

Please reach out to me with any questions you have! The best way to reach me is on Instagram, just DM me at @amycarrhilton



How To Use Safe & Effective Techniques To Be Your Own Chronic Pain Recovery Expert

Without Risky Procedures Or Giving Up Doing The Things That Bring You Joy

In it you'll learn:

  • What chronic pain recovery actually means and what it will take to make it possible for you.
  • The #1 reason most people never fully recover + the counter-intuitive thing you need to do instead.
  • The surprising science behind how simple recovery can be, including the self-applied techniques you need to know to reprocess your pain.
  • The 3 major shifts that are standing between you and a full recovery, plus why you can’t afford to ignore them another day.

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