The First Step To Recovery Is An Accurate Diagnosis

Take this clinical assessment now to differentiate between structural and neuroplastic causes of pain so you can start trusting in your physical safety and be sure you're treating the cause of your pain.

This is how gratitude changes your brain, and helps you build those safety neural pathways in your chronic pain recovery!

How Being Grateful Changes Your Brain And Helps You Reach Chronic Pain Recovery


When You Have “One Of Those Days”...​
​Remember that recovering from pain is not a linear event…​
​It’s not like you wake up one day and you NEVER have to deal with pain ever again…​

This is important to remember when you feel like you have a breakthrough or several days or weeks where you feel like pain is completely in your past…​
​And then seemingly out-of-the-blue…​
​You feel like you are back at step one.​
​But this couldn’t be further from the truth…​
​Setbacks are a part of the process.​

Having a setback doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong or that your process or plan is not working...​

It just means that you are having an off day.​
​And one off day or week does not need to turn into a permanent setback.​This is when gratitude becomes so important in your recovery. You're allowed to feel pissed off as well, but actively making space for gratitude actually changes your brain.



This is how gratitude changes your brain, and helps you build those safety neural pathways in your chronic pain recovery!

When you have an off day you can do a few things.​

👉 First, offer yourself grace and remind yourself that perfectionism is not helpful in these situations​.

👉 Second, step back and honestly evaluate the situation and any extenuating circumstances…​

Were you more tired than usual? Have you been sticking to your foundational habits? Was there something that could have contributed to the setback?​

This helps to take your eyes off the symptoms (don't shoot the messenger) and put them back on the things that you may be able to change your feeling of safety vs danger around.​

👉 Third, if you are feeling like you are in the middle of a setback… ​ do this one thing - practice gratitude and acknowledge and feel whatever frustration, anger, despair you may be feeling - so you can start to make space for hope. ​

You may have your own gratitude practices, but if you're feeling frustration, anger, despair it can be tough, so I have something to help you.


Check out this gratitude with attitude meditation in my free vault of pain reprocessing and nervous system regulation practices

Drop me a line in instagram (@amycarrhilton) if you’re experiencing a set back so I can check in on you…



How To Use Safe & Effective Techniques To Be Your Own Chronic Pain Recovery Expert

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