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How Being Comfortable With Chaos Helps When You Want To Calm Chronic Pain

Why Being Comfortable With Chaos Helps When You Want To Calm Chronic Pain

If a pandemic full of uncertainty wasn't enough, now we're dealing with the senseless actions of a madman who is destroying people's lives and homes, and could very well affect the wellbeing of the entire planet.
What can we do? Where do we have control?

Being comfortable with chaos helps when you want to calm chronic pain symptoms.

It can feel scary - frustrating - when we have no control over external events. But this does ourselves and everyone around us no good.
What we can do is be with ourselves in chaos and find stability there.

I created a meditation for chaotic times a while ago that feels just very applicable right now.

It's part of my Empowered Pain Mastery membership, but I've made it public and free for anyone who needs a little support right now inside my vault of free mindfulness practices.


External circumstances beyond our control are going to happen, and our nervous system will do its job of alerting us to danger and giving us every chance we have of getting out of it.


The trouble is watching a bombing on TV and being in it, our physiological response will be the same...


So we need to learn how to reassure our survival brain of our safety and give ourselves the chance to deactivate when we've confirmed we're not actually under threat.


And this does not mean we can't take some action against the mad bullies of the world, by all means, donate to the cause, remove any financial support from people who will go as far as endangering the planet to get what the y want, and stand beside those who need you... 


Just do it from a place of grounding and regulated nervous system.



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  • The surprising science behind how simple recovery can be, including the self-applied techniques you need to know to reprocess your pain.
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