Having fun and feeling free in your body doesn't have to be a struggle!

With step by step guidance & support you can reclaim your life of fun, purpose & adventure from the chronic pain cycle!

Neuroplastic chronic pain is treatable!

Our understanding changes by the day so it's my job to keep you current.

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A Transformation Method For Every Person

No matter how long you've been struggling with chronic pain, or where you're at in the assessment, education or treatment part of the recovery process, I have something here to help you.

Neuroplastic Recovery Guide

Know you need to make some changes, just not sure where to start? I have a ton of info, assessment tool and practices for you to check out in my 5 steps of neuroplastic healing guide so you can get your recovery started.


Pain Healing Explorations

Jumpstart your neuroplastic pain recovery with my 5 days of guided healing explorations. Start trusting your body and follow along with my favourite top down and bottom up pain reprocessing and self-regulation practices to see the shift!


12 Weeks of Supported Healing

The greatest offer and commitment for the greatest impact to your life. A 12 step guided and supported program to reclaim your fun, purposeful, adventurous life! This is for you if you want a proven plan to follow in your recovery.


Jaime S.

"Amy helped me more than just be pain free, she helped me get over fear of play!"

Aimee R.

"I can't believe I spent so many years afraid to have fun! I almost forgot who I was."

Janet J.

"I feel like a new person, even stronger in many ways than I was before pain."

Ready to take control of your pain experience... Not sure where to start?

Sign up for my Self-study Pain Reprocessing Toolbox if you're ready to take on this recovery process on your own, for a lower investment.

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Apply for my Empowered Pain Mastery program if you know you'll do better with more support and guidance from me and a community.

Monthly membership with an access fee to receive my 12 step strategy and community guidance.

 Enrol in my Empowered Pain Mastery 12 week program 

if you know you'll do better with more support and guidance from me and a community.

Self-study Pain Reprocessing Toolbox

$97/month - Monthly Membership

No course access fee & a free 7 day trial!

Take your healing into your own hands. This is the best option for you if you're self motivated and ready to trust the process of healing neuroplastic chronic pain.

Commit to the rest of your life with:

 Your toolbox of guided top down and bottom up practices & exercises! Including meditations, visualizations, deep self-inquiry, leaning into positive sensations, somatic tracking, self-soothing, safety reassurance, lowering preoccupation, sleep aid, journals, and a variety of mindful movement practices

A Pain Puzzle Knowledge masterclass to learn why it's possible to feel such intense pain when you are not injured. Knowledge gives  empowerment for long term healing of chronic pain

 Guided recordings, videos and journals to trust in your safety as you challenge harmful beliefs and fears, and learn how to influence your pain protective system as your own self-healer

 Access to your evidence informed lessons and tools, including all updates, keep your subscription as long as you need it, cancel anytime

 Access to me for one-to-one coaching if you need extra help, you are ultimately the one who will heal yourself, but sometimes a little individualized guidance and support helps. This is an additional fee

BONUSES & new material are added every month! You receive access to ALL my toolbox materials, Pain Puzzle Practices, self assessment tools and more!

No fooling around now, are you ready to reclaim your life?


Empowered Pain Mastery


Use my 12 step strategy for the greatest impact in your recovery.

Commit to the rest of your life with:

A 12 step no nonsense guided and supported program to empowerment for long term healing of chronic pain and getting back to your passion and purpose

Step-by-step lessons and actions to take to accomplish your activity passion goal as you challenge harmful beliefs and fears and calm your pain protective response

 A process of looking a t the bio-psycho-social aspects of your pain context so you can understand your triggers deeper and desensitize your nervous system to them 

 Forever access to your evidence informed lessons, guided practices and tasks, including all updates, forever. Come back to the material any time. Take 12 weeks, or take longer if you need it

 Guided daily mindfulness and pain reprocessing practices & exercises! Including meditations, visualizations, deep self-inquiry, leaning into positive sensations, somatic tracking, self-soothing, safety reassurance, lowering preoccupation, and sleep aid

 Your private EPM community where you have access to me to ask all your burning questions, join monthly coaching calls and receive support and motivation!

Ready to start living the rest of your life?


How To Use Safe & Effective Techniques To Be Your Own Chronic Pain Recovery Expert

Without Risky Procedures Or Giving Up Doing The Things That Bring You Joy

In it you'll learn:

  • What chronic pain recovery actually means and what it will take to make it possible for you.
  • The #1 reason most people never fully recover + the counter-intuitive thing you need to do instead.
  • The surprising science behind how simple recovery can be, including the self-applied techniques you need to know to reprocess your pain.
  • The 3 major shifts that are standing between you and a full recovery, plus why you can’t afford to ignore them another day.

Angie C.

"Amy showed me that I can heal myself from chronic pain. If I can do it, you can too!"

Britt B.

"I literally tried everything before with disappointing results. Amy changed my life!"

Jane B.

"I didn't really believe I would ever be pain free again. This is science that feels like magic."

Let the adventure begin!


Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm here to empower you as you reclaim your life of fun, purpose and adventure from the struggles of chronic pain. 



What can you expect from a group coaching call?

At the heart of our Reclaim Joy Community is the live group Q&A coaching calls. This is not just about getting you the answers you need to continue to make progress in the process of reclaiming your joy. This is about reclaiming your joy and being true to your self through a very real and very human experience. The only way to make a lasting impact on your life.

The calls support our community membership with these 3 principles:


You're not alone! Even if your loved ones don't understand your struggles with pain, I do, and the rest of the membership does too, and we're here for you!


Sharing our stories, both the struggles and the growth is central to our community. In the group calls I'll motivate yourself and others as I answer questions.


With community focused coaching you have myself and the whole group cheering you on. You want to share your joy so you work reclaim it and show us your true self! 

Reclaim Joy Community Membership

$17 monthly / $136 annually

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Our understanding of chronic neuroplastic pain changes by the day!

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